UPDATE February 5, 2021: 

 Andrej Babiš Jr. is "back".


Committee on Enforced Disappearances, engl.

In May 2017, Andrej Babiš junior sent an email to the daily Blesk:

The situation between the caretaker (Protopopov), the patient (me) and the doctor - who bares her teeth when confronted (Protopopova) is so intolerable that I am able to see my own grave / wheelchair or at least a medical problems from this time distance. I don't want to take medicine...

                  Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
                  United Nations Office at Geneva

Committee on Enforced Disappearances

Mr. Mohammed Ayat, Chair

Geneva, Switzerland


· President of Interpol Kim Jong-yang

· Vice-president of Interpol for Europe Šárka Havránková

· Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in the CR Dominik Furgler

· Members of the Parliament and Senate of the CR

· Members of the European Parliament

· Organization A Million Moments for Democracy

· Czech and foreign media and public actors 


                                                                                                                                                4 March 2020

Dear All,

According to the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, which entered into force for the Czech Republic on 10 March 2017, I am addressing you as a Czech citizen with a request for assistance in the matter of the disappearance of Andrej Babiš Junior, born 1983, a Swiss citizen according to all available information.

I am concerned about the fate of Andrej Babiš, the son of the current Czech Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš. There is a reasonable suspicion that Andrej Jr. may be held by an organized group against his will in an unspecified place, under threaten to his health and life due to undesirable medicines or drugs. It is possible that the same applies to his mother, MUDr. Beatrice Babišová, as a result of the malevolent conduct of Andrei Babiš Sr., around whom there is a tangle of criminal relations, including unresolved deaths. We also remember the precedent from the post-revolutionary era and Babiš's business and political miliue, the kidnapping of the son of the Slovak former president Kováč to Austria and the tragedy of other people around the case (still unresolved). There is no indication of whether Junior is alive at all. And I do not rule out that maybe one day it could be reported that he "committed suicide".

The last known contact with him was made on 15 November 2018 via e-mail correspondence of reporters from the web portal seznam.cz, who after a long effort managed to find him a few days before in Switzerland and interview him.


Andrej Babiš Jr. described, among other things, the serious circumstances in his words of forced stay in the occupied Crimea in 2017 and futile attempts to contact the Czech police - who later closed the investigation of his complaint of kidnapping without contacting him personally. He said that his father wanted his disappearance because of the Stork Nest case, in which they were both accused of having been involved, that he was involuntarily held for 2.5 years under the full control of a Russian national, Petr Protopopov, who was also injecting medication for the recommendations of doctor Dita Protopopová (the wife of his "carer" who was the only one to diagnose "schizophrenia" and then started to move up the career ladder, also to unsuccessfully run for Parliament for Babiš's ANO party) and that he managed to escape to Switzerland from Protopopov by bus from Slovakia.

He also repeatedly asked Seznam reporters Sabina Slonková and Jiří Kubík for help in contacting the Czech police. Unfortunately, this did not happen despite the fact that immediately after broadcasting the reportage in the Czech Republic, Andrej Babiš Sr. went to his son in Geneva on 17 November 2018 (the Czech police did not protest, although it was possible to assume pressure or influence of the witness).

Since then, Andrej Jr. has stopped communicating. Babiš Sr. only handed over the friendly TV Nova channel a video, in which his ex-wife Beatrice Babišová calls on everyone to leave her son alone (he warned reporters that his father was putting pressure on his mother). However, Andrej Jr. is legally competent - or at least was at that time. We have no idea what has happened to his health since then. The Prime Minister ignores inquiries and has no interest in reassuring us that it is not a criminal organization to remove a witness to his criminal cases.

20 September 2019: Police officers made an administrative error in investigating the kidnapping of Babiš Jr. They received a disciplinary punishment ... The police did not contact Babiš Jr. personally or start a search for him. As police chief Jan Ptáček explained in mid-November last year, the police officers were in regular contact with his lawyer (NB.: The advocate for Babiš Jr. was also that of his father, Babiš Sr. !). According to an official record, they were content with the photo of Babiš Jr., who was supposed to stay with his mother in Bratislava and the current issue of newspapers. And then they dropped the case, which was just being checked by the General Inspectorate and the result is the actual punishment of the police.


23 September 2019: The finding of Seznam News from November 2018 on the intentional removal of the son of the Czech prime minister to Russian-occupied Crimea took on a new dimension after the publication of the document of the dropping of the investigation in the Stork's Nest case... The words of the prosecutor Šaroch... can thus be considered as confirmation of the current knowledge that Babiš's son Andrej played the role of a White Horse in the case. Indeed, as he himself described it last fall in the investigative program Special Investigation... However, the investigation into the alleged abduction started again at the end of last year. And after the reporters of Seznam.cz covertly filmed Andrej Jr. in Geneva at the end of last year. He repeated the same sentence he had written to the police: I was kidnapped to the Crimea. I had to leave because my father needed it because of the Stork's Nest case.


3 February 2020: The plaintiff stopped the case of Babis's son in the Stork's Nest case. A spokesman for the Municipal Prosecutor's Office in Prague: "the act for which the prosecution was conducted is not a criminal offense and there is no reason to refer the matter..." The decision with Babiš Jr. only took place now, because Šaroch ruled out his case last year because he lives in Switzerland in the long term. While in the main branch of the case, which concerns, inter alia, his father, the plaintiff from the Municipal Prosecutor's Office in Prague decided already last summer. At that time Šaroch stopped the prosecution of Babiš and five other people - mainly members of his family. At the end of 2019, however, the Chief Prosecutor Pavel Zeman decided that the prosecution of the Czech Prime Minister and former member of the Stork's Nest member Jana Mayerová will continue... In connection with Andrej Babiš Jr., the police are investigating the case of the alleged abduction of the Prime Minister's son to the Crimea. That was to have taken place at the turn of 2017 and 2018. Investigators have not closed the case yet. The case hangs on the interrogation of Andrej Babiš Jr. The case was opened on the basis of testimonies published in Seznam Reports on the Special Investigation programme in November 2018.


5 February 2020


The fears of the fate of Andrej Jr., in addition to the above, further knowledge about what happened to him since 17 July 2015, when he was given notice in Travel Service as a pilot licensed for Boeing 737 aircraft placed under suspicious circumstances for 2 months to a psychiatric hospital, and then handed over by his father for 2.5 years under the supervision of the Russian bicycle dealer Protopopov.

The suspicion of unlawful activity against Andrej Babiš Jr. and possible violence against him is enhanced by his father's behaviour. He is being investigated by the Czech authorities and the European Commission (OLAF) for suspected economic crimes. Every day we can observe his effective attempts to influence the police and justice in the Czech Republic, manipulate information through the media he bought and misinformation released by government and other officials of various levels, appointed primarily by the ANO movement, which he is chairman of. It is certain that his son's testimony to the police in cases of kidnapping and misuse of European subsidies for the Stork's Nest farm can be fatal for him, as he can explain his serious crime.

Andrej Babiš Jr.  may also be uncomfortable for his father by knowing a lot about his father's past and his contacts, either from his own experience or from his mother (who lived with him during his cooperation with the STB and working in a foreign trade enterprise under socialist Czechoslovakia). This was reflected in the entire further post-revolutionary course of Babiš's business and entry into politics, see. unclear capital for business or its current associates. As you can see, the son is not indifferent to everything.

In addition to the above, I am convinced that, personally, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš Sr., as well as Czech President Milos Zeman, work in harmony with the Russian secret services to the detriment of the Czech Republic. Their criminal interests may also be the cause of the disappearance of Andrej Babiš Jr.

In October 2019 I turned to the Swiss Ambassador in Prague, see appendix 1 - petition with about 600 signatures and bland response by the ambassador.

I founded the FB profile under the pseudonym Bohdan Švarc and over the past two months I spent a lot of time searching for information from public sources that could explain more why we really need to worry about the fate of Andrej Babiš Jr. https://www.facebook.com/bohdan.svarc.98 

Studying the published references (there are also exceptions on FB to lighten the image of the tragic contemporary reality of my homeland), it can be convinced that these are facts confirming the above: Prime Minister Babiš today can with his many years improved literally mafia ways to destroy anyone in his path. Links with information directly related to Junior's case - see Appendix 2  (partly in English), and those that point to problematic conduct and ties of the Czech Prime Minister - see Appendix 3 (Russian ties, business history, etc., in Czech), Appendix 4 (liquidation of the competition and others, in Czech). The links are not perfectly sorted, I apologize.

Andrej Babiš Jr. has refused to submit to his father, and therefore is in all probability for at least five years in danger. Reportedly, he and his mother are in Switzerland, where he was summoned to be questioned by the police on 29 January 2020, but he apologized for an illness and did not appear. I do not know how much this information is based on truth. I would not be surprised if he was brought back to Russia, for example, and held there by force. One wants to believe that he might be under the protection of the Swiss government.

Among other things, it seems suspicious that, according to a police resolution with the charge in Prague on 29 September 2017, Andrej Babiš Jr. a national of the Slovak Republic.


At the time that he said he was forced to stay in the Crimea, after his previous stays in Kaliningrad, Moscow, and subsequently Kryvoi Rog in Ukraine at his new girlfriend's Yelizaveta, admiring Putin's regime. He was introduced to her by Protopopov in the Crimea and he supposedly lives with her in Switzerland. It is suspected that she is a collaborator of the Russian secret services. He was supposed to be in Kryvoi Rog according to the photos published by Yelizaveta on social networks and at Christmas 2017, and according to the email sent to the Czech police on 5 January 2018, when he wrote: "I am awaiting an involuntary psychiatric intervention. My father needed me to disappear during the Stork's Nest case". Three days later, 8 January 2018, this electronic message came to the Czech police from there a second time.

https://www.irozhlas.cz/zpravy-domov/andrej-babis-mladsi-pritelkyne-krym-e-mail-petr-protopopov_1811291020_ako  .

In 2018, however, his father referred to him as a Swiss citizen, apparently for more than 10 years.

https://www.denik.cz/z_domova/andrej-babis-muj-syn-ma-svycarske-obcanstvi-vic-nez-deset-let-20181119.html?fbclid=IwAR09haou3RKKN78P1Mbw6IGuOl5YvKH6t0oWTyCkiIuBsaV3AQChP-U3sYA  .

Given that Slovakia does not allow dual citizenship in cases like this, this fact is very strange. Like many others mentioned in Internet links, e.g. in English and German (the Czech are of course more detailed).

The Swiss press also stated that Andrej Babiš Jr. has been a Swiss citizen since childhood.


In November 2018, the Swiss authorities stated that they did not intend to investigate the kidnapping, that the Czech Republic, the country in which it had happened, should investigate it. That they would refuse to investigate the abduction of their own citizen wherever it happened? If Junior was a Slovak, why was the Czech police dealing with the announcement? By the way, according to Protopopov's statement, he went with Junior to Slovakia, where he stayed with his mother for a few days (was she, like him, under constant supervision when the son did not turn to her or the Slovak police for help?), then to Vienna, by air to Moscow and then to the Crimea. According to Swiss logic, from which country should he have been kidnapped?


There are so many contradictions in its history and their severity so high that there is nothing left to do but ask you for help.

Of course, it is not important to know where Andrej Babiš Jr. is, if he himself does not wish to disclose such information.

However, I would also like to ask you on behalf of many other fellow citizens to be assured that he is not being held under pressure as a hostage or an unwanted witness somewhere, subjected to mental and physical abuse, as he said when he was in the hands of Petr Protopopov.

And that he is free to testify to the police about his kidnapping in the Crimea, etc., as he himself asked.

His father does not answer his daily questions, even via social networks, and the Czech authorities are silent. A young man with an attractive profession to fulfil his dreams, the son of the Prime Minister of one of the countries of the European Union simply disappeared after complaining about his father's mafia behaviour.

4 February 2020, Sabina Slonková: The Dark Story of AB: Who is interested in Andrej Babiš Jr. never speaking again?... In fact, it may be better for the Prime Minister to leave a shadow of suspicion that he is involved in the kidnapping of his son than to have black and white in a police report.


10 February 2020, Reporters of Czech TV: Klecany - Crimea - Geneva


(see English translation - Appendix 2)

As I stated in the petition to the Swiss ambassador to Prague, I apologize for using the pseudonym. I am not afraid of it, but it is a caution (although it is only minimal protection, Facebook already let me know that they know who I am). I have had a serious experience of my own with Babiš's people (like many others) after pointing out his criminal practices.


Bohdan Švarc


                  The letter with Appendix 1 - 4: 


(6 February 2020 - sent by email in Czech) 

Appendix 1 


                                                                                                                                                                November 28, 2019

Mr. Dominik Furgler

the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in the Czech Republic

Dear Sir,

Allow me, please to ask the Swiss Confederation authorities for commenting on the case of Andrej Babiš jr. who (hopefully) lives with his mother in your country, and it is uncertain whether it is voluntarily or not. 

He has asked publicly for help several times in various forms, and it is clear that something terrible and illegal is happening with him. The fact that his father, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš sr., publicly described him as a schizophrenic, is perhaps the least problematic thing.

In my socialist childhood, Switzerland was associated with something very pleasant, the taste of fantastic Tuzex (the type of luxury shop) cheeses and, above all, chocolate with a picture of a laughing cow and the sunny Alps. It was then without massive advertising, because comrades did not allow us to pamper too often, so the experience was all the more intense. 

To make the goodness of the capitalists bitter, our brains were bombarded with information about evil Swiss bankers hiding the stolen possessions of the martyred Jews.

We children could not cope with such contradictions, and the tangible reality of chocolate thankfully let us not think about it.

The Pavlov's reflex remained long in the adulthood, so the sound of the word "Switzerland" still sounded somehow chocolate. And more, after 1989, we registered the efforts of Swiss banks to come to terms with the past and compensate some of the families affected by the war.

In a later presence, however, other, not so chocolate rumours began to appear, such as hiding the money of Russian and other oligarchs and dictators in Swiss banks. However, it is difficult nowadays for an ordinary mortal to judge the extent and truthfulness of most of the information transmitted, and chocolate still had a chance to stay on top of the things.

The first doubts arose when current Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš sr. justified the acquisition of his enormous property thanks to the capital assistance of his (several months) classmates from the Swiss grammar school, but he kept his friends secret.

The Swiss press community kept silence, which was not so easy to understand, unlike the (neutral) government. But so be it - at that time they might have thought it was just another cox-comb´s money, such were arising more than much in the Eastern Bloc.

Today, there is much more in the game - and the silence from the Swiss Alps is more than menacing.

Andrej jr. (let's not make a fool of him, it is clear from the video that he is not) describing his involuntary journey to Russia and Ukraine here:


including a "fishing trip" to the occupied Crimea in the company of Petr Protopopov. More here:


About the engagement of his wife, a psychiatrist Dita Protopopova here:


About abduction announcement, not investigated by the Czech police, here:


About the trip of his father - Czech Prime Minister, who just made a flight to Switzerland to chat and play chess with his son (after publishing the above video), here:


About the silence of the Czech police and the judiciary about influencing a witness here:


About the Swiss silence here:


Although Andrej jr. asked for help and questioning by the police, disappeared after the chess game with his father.

Dear Ambassador,

could you imagine what would happen to us, Czech citizens, for some reason uncomfortable with the Prime Minister Babiš (and some of them are already happening), when he dares such treatment of his own son and continues without consequences?

Swiss silence here does not have the taste of chocolate, but rather the taste of Czech special smelly cheese "tvaruzhek". And this smell is really difficult to ventilate, even in the Alps.

Maybe Babiš s. did play a game with his wealthy classmates, or some of their suitably influential classmates during his chess tour to your country, and that's why the silence?

As a result, the case of Andrej Babiš jr. appears similar to the appalling history of Latifa, the daughter of the Dubai ruler. Both are victims of their father.

If it is in fact a help of your country to Andrej Babiš jr. as a Swiss citizen, please let us know - the Czech citizens - in some possible way (maybe he has a cogent reason to hide from his father). If nothing else, at least we will know that Switzerland is not a participant in this organized crime.


I am trying to hope that the Swiss authorities will speak out early and in a form that avoids any doubt. I also appeal the representatives of public life not remain indifferent to the fate of Andrej Babiš jr.

Please, do not regard profane the use of a pseudonym (a character of an infinite TV series that reminds me of Andrej Babiš sr.), I do it for a serious reason. I believe that the content of this communication is more important than its author.

Yours faithfully,

Bohdan Švarc  

+ 594  podpisů

  Tomáš Goláň - Senator (on  Facebook)

November 29, 2019

The only thing that really astounded me about the stopping the prosecution of the Prime Minister is the reality that the facts of the crime were not sufficiently established because the key witness, Andrej Babiš j., was not heard. Against this background, the prosecution should be resumed, as this is a fundamental misconduct!

If you agree, please support this petition!

  The reply of the Ambassador here:

 _EDA-REP Prague  prague@eda.admin.ch 


Sehr geehrter Herr Svarc

Mit Interessen habe ich Ihre Mitteilung vom 28. November 2019 zur Kenntnis genommen und nehme dazu wie folgt Stellung.

Jede sich in der Schweiz befindende Person kann sich an die zuständigen Dienste (Krankenhäuser, Polizei, Sozialdienste usw.) wenden, um falls nötig angemessene Unterstützung zu erhalten. Dies gilt auch für Herrn Andrej Babis Junior, sollte er dies wünschen.

Was die gemachten Vorwürfe angeblicher Straftaten gegen Herrn Andrej Babis Junior betrifft, so stehen die zuständigen schweizerischen und tschechischen Justizbehörden in Kontakt.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen.

Unofficial translation:

Dear Mr. Švarc,

I noted with interest your statement of 28 November 2019 and would like to comment on it subsequently.

Any person living in Switzerland can contact the appropriate places (hospitals, police, social services, etc.) to receive appropriate assistance. This also applies to Mr Andrej Babiš junior if he wished. As regards the allegations of alleged crimes against Mr Andrej Babiš Jr., the competent Swiss and Czech judicial authorities are in contact.

With friendly greetings

                  Dominik Furgler

Embassy of Switzerland in the Czech Republic

Pevnostní 7, 162 01 Prague 6

Tel.: +420 220 400 633

Fax: +420 224 311 312



My response (in Czech) here: 


Appendix 2 


February 10, 2020


Scenario of the program "Reporters of the Czech Television"


Andrej Babiš Jr., the most dramatic part of the "Čapí hnízdo" (Stork's Nest) case. The interrogation of a key witness who has never been interviewed was closed by a state prosecutor last week.

Marek WOLLNER, presenter


You're watching Cases and Reports in the ČT Reporters programme. Good evening. Andrej Babiš Jr. - the most dramatic part of the "Čapí hnízdo" (Stork's Nest) case.

Klecany - Crimea - Geneva

Marek WOLLNER, presenter


It was a very strange story, which ended last week when the state prosecutor Jaroslav Šaroch closed the case. After two and a half years he stopped criminal proceedings against Andrej Babiš Jr. who was never even interviewed by the police. The entire process was fairly involved - from the National Mental Health Institution in Klecany, through the Ukrainian war zone in the company of his psychiatrist's husband, to his escape to Switzerland. A dramatic story of a man who was dragged into the Čapí hnízdo case by his own father Andrej Babiš who is the current Prime Minister of the Czech Republic - as told by reporter Michael Fiala.

Andrej Babiš Jr., son of the Prime Minister A. Babiš, Special investigation, Seznam News


I suppose it wasn't my father's idea to have me transported to Crimea - it was Protopopov's.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


And why did he take you there?

Andrej Babiš Jr., son of the Prime Minister A. Babiš, Special investigation, Seznam News


He took advantage of my father's wish to remove me from public view.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


And why did your father want that?

Andrej Babiš Jr., son of the Prime Minister A. Babiš, Special investigation, Seznam News


Because of the Čapí Hnízdo case.

Ondřej GOLIS, reporter


Hello Mr. State Prosecutor. I'm Ondřej Golis from Reporters. Could you please give me a comment on your last move in the Čapí hnízdo case?

Jaroslav ŠAROCH, State Prosecutor, State Prosecutor's Office for Prague


No, please talk to the spokesman of the State Prosecutor's Office.

Ondřej GOLIS, reporter


Why can't you comment on that?

Michael FIALA, editor


Another turning point in the high-profile Čapí hnízdo case. State Prosecutor Jaroslav Šaroch has stopped criminal proceedings against Andrej Babiš Jr. , who is one of the key figures in the case as he could shed some light into the role played by his father, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. However, he was never interviewed.

Andrej BABIŠ, Prime Minister (ANO)


Look, I don't want to comment on this just now. I'd just like to ask if those who dragged my family through the mud will ever apologize - but I don't really expect that.

Michael FIALA, editor


In the well-known Čapí hnízdo case, charges have been brough against Andrej Babiš Sr. and 10 other individuals including Babiš's son as they were suspected of taking part in a subsidy fraud. The Čapí Hnízdo farm in central Bohemia, belonging to businessman Andrej Babiš pretended not to be not a part of Babiš's huge corporation Agrofert, but a small independent business. As such it was apply to apply for a €50 million subsidy from the EU.

Jiří KUBÍK, Investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


To be recognized as a small or medium enterprise it needed shareholders who are not connected to Agrofert. In my view, these roles were fulfilled by Andrej Babiš's children from his first marriage, i.e. Andrej Babiš Jr. and daughter Adriana.

Andrej BABIŠ, Prime Minister (ANO)


The Čapí hnízdo farm was, at that time, owned by my two adult children and my partner's brother, who held the share that my two younger children and my partner would have had.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


The whole idea of finding Andrej Babiš Jr. Started when we found out that he is the key person in the entire Čapí hnízdo subsidy case.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


But you never had anything to do with the Čapí hnízdo farm. How could you be prosecuted?

Andrej Babiš ML., syn premiéra A. Babiš, Zvláštní vyšetřování, Seznam Zprávy


I have read that I did have something to do with it.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


And did you or not?

Andrej Babiš ML., syn premiéra A. Babiš, Zvláštní vyšetřování, Seznam Zprávy


Technically speaking, yes. It was in the newspapers but I don't want to speak about it.

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


We knew that the Czech police never interviewed him [Andrej Babiš Jr.]. We also knew that he was hiding in an unknown place as he couldn't be found at any of his known addresses, including those in the Czech Republic. The neighbours claimed that they hadn't seen him for a long time, so we were trying to find other places where he could be staying, both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


So Bratislava is out of the question, isn't it?

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


It looks that way, we don't know about other possible addresses there. We tried one where we thought we could have found him.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


Give me a call if he opens the door to you.

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


I'll let you know. We didn't have any phone number we could have called and prepared them for our visit, so we literally just rang the bell and knocked on the door.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


Hello Mrs. Babišová. Can we talk to you for a while?

Beatrice BABIŠOVÁ, Andrej Babiš's ex-wife



Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


We are her because you sent an email from Ukraine.

Michael FIALA, editor


Andrej Babiš Jr. sent an email from Ukraine to the Czech Police in January 2018.

Andrej Babiš Jr. , the son of Prime Minister A. Babiš, Special Investigation, Seznam News


I was abducted to Crimea. At the moment I'm at my girlfriend's place in Ukraine. I'm afraid that I may undergo some psychiatric treatment against my will. My father needed me to disappear until the Čapí hnízdo case settles.

Andrej Babiš Jr. , the son of Prime Minister A. Babiš, Special Investigation, Seznam News


I think that it wasn't my father's idea to send me to Crimea. It was his [Protopopov's] idea.

Michael FIALA, editor


Andrej Babiš Jr. is talking about the man who accompanied him to Crimea.

Andrej Babiš Jr., the son of Prime Minister A. Babiš, Special Investigation, Seznam News


He abused his position as my carer.

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


Mr. Protopopov?

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


So you never took Andrej Babiš Jr. anywhere?

Petr PROTOPOPOV, businessman


I refuse to comment, it's none of your business.

Andrej BABIŠ, Prime Minister (ANO)


That's an impudent lie, my son was never abducted. Unfortunately, he's an ill man.

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


Yes, I remember him talking about some health issues. He was also talking about being treated in Geneva, and that the treatment he's getting there is much better than Dr. Protopopov's methods.

Ondřej GOLIS, reporter


Did you ever investigate Mr. Andrej Babiš Jr.'s health?

Jaroslav ŠAROCH, State Prosecutor, State Prosecutor's Office for Prague


No, please talk to the spokesman of the State Prosecutor's Office.

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


The Protopopovs were people who - you could see - he didn't want to remember, they were connected with some very negative experience for him [Andrej Babiš Jr.].

Andrej Babiš Jr. , the son of Prime Minister A. Babiš, Special Investigation, Seznam News


In Ukraine, he [Protopopov] told me: "Your father and I will do everything we can to keep you locked away". So I called the police.

Andrej BABIŠ, Prime Minister (ANO)


He just went on Holiday to Russia with a guy who was taking a good care of him and I'm really grateful to him, of course.

Michael FIALA, editor


Petr Protopopov is not a healthcare worker, he's a businessman, who was also employed in the Agrofert company that belongs to Andrej Babiš Sr.



So you don't know if that villa belongs to Mr. Babiš Jr.?

Petr PROTOPOPOV, businessman


I have no idea.



Are you sure?



So you don't know who's the owner of the place where you live?

Petr PROTOPOPOV, businesman


I don't know and I have nothing more to say.

Andrej Babiš Jr., the son of Prime Minister A. Babiš, Special Investigation, Seznam News


Dita, the wife of Protopopov told me: "you have a choice. Either we lock you up here in a psychiatric hospital or you can go on a holiday.

Michael FIALA, editor


Dita Protopopov is a psychiatrist in whose care Andrej Babiš Jr. was at that time.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


It's clear that one of the last people who spoke to him [Andrej Babiš Jr.] was Dr. Dita Protopopová. She issued a certificate for the police that her client is unable to be interrogated.

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


It's her, still hanging out there.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


Yes, it's her.

Dita PROTOPOPOV psychiatrist, polling station


Hello, my name is Dita Protopopov and I'm a leading candidate for ANO for this year's local elections in Prague 8. I'm a medical doctor and, apart from helping my patients for 14 years, I'm actively working on the improvement of mental health care in the Czech Republic.

Michael FIALA, editor


Since providing the report on Andrej Babiš Jr.'s state of health, Dr.Dita Protopopov has started working for the ministry of health, which is controlled by the ANO political movement, and she is also a secretary of the government's mental health committee, which is chaired by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš Sr. We asked her what role she played in the Andrej Babiš Jr. case.

Dita PROTOPOPOV, psychiatrist, polling station


I have a duty of confidentiality and that hasn't been lifted by a court, nor by anyone else, so, while I'd love to explain the entire situation, I'm not allowed to.



Don't you see it as a conflict of interests - you provided the report on Andrej Babiš Jr.'s state of health and then started working for the government led by the father of your patient?

Dita PROTOPOPOV, psychiatrist, polling station


I'm not allowed to disclose anything about my patients and my relationship with them, however what I do for the government and the Ministry of Health has absolutely nothing to do with my clinical practice.

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


Her role in this case was absolutely obvious. The report was issued to prevent her patient Andrej Babiš Jr. from being interrogated by the police.

Andrej Babiš Jr., the son of Prime Minister A. Babiš, Special Investigation, Seznam News


"It all lasted a really long time. He was renting flats, held me in Sevastopol and then in Yalta. I was there against my will and it was really unpleasant. When we returned to Europe and I got to Slovakia, I managed to escape to Switzerland by coach. Here I have a new doctor and I finally got rid of my quote-carer-unquote who mentally abused me. At the moment I'm taking some pills but there are no injections. I wish you a nice day".

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


The last communication with Andrej Babiš Jr. that we recorded and published was in November 2018. It was before his father visited him, and Andrej Babiš Jr. then asked us by email to contact the Czech police as he wanted to report his abduction to Crimea. That was it as on the next day his father visited him in Geneva.

Reynolds KORANTENG, presenter


Did you try to persuade your son to change some of his decisions?

Andrej BABIŠ, Prime Minister (ANO)


Of course not, we didn't even speak about it. We played chess together. However, when I met him, I tried to explain what exactly was going on, as the press have been watching us for a long time. They created the entire case and tried to cause a conflict between father and son. So explained it all but he's still convinced that his trip to Russia was organized against his will.

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


And then the communication ended, there's been silence since.



Do you have an explanation for that?

Jiří KUBÍK, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Seznam Zprávy server


Well, it's quite obvious. Andrej Babiš simply told his son (who he normally has no contact with) and his ex-wife (who he also has no contact with) that they should keep their mouths shut.

Beatrice BABIŠOVÁ, Andrej Babiš's ex-wife


I demand that Ms. Slonková and Mr.Kubíka, who after a month came to our home again on the 16th of November 2018, refrain from harassing us as we will no longer talk to them.

Michael FIALA, editor


Last September State Prosecutor Jaroslav Šaroch stopped criminal proceedings against Andrej Babiš Sr. and five more persons accused of participating in the Čapí hnízdo case.



Can I ask you for a short interview? Could you please explain what change in the case influenced your decision?

Jaroslav ŠAROCH, State Prosecutor, State Prosecutor's Office for Prague


I won't explain anything to you.

Beatrice BABIŠOVÁ, Andrej Babiš's ex-wife


Our judicial system is independent and I'm glad of the outcome.

Michael FIALA, editor


But this wasn't the end of it. The decision of the State Prosecutor for Prague to stop criminal proceedings against all those involved in the Čapí hnízdo case was re-examined by Chief State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman who found some substantial inconsistencies.

Pavel ZEMAN, Chief State Prosecutor


Wrong interpretation of the evidence, the issue of the businesses' interconnection, incomplete interpretation of European legislation and associated case law and the question of assessing the subjective aspect, i.e. the extent of individual suspects' involvement.

Michael FIALA, editor


For these reasons the Chief State Prosecutor renewed criminal proceedings against Andrej Babiš Sr. and Jana Mayerová, a manager of the ANO movement. Apart from these two, the only remaining person (out of the original 11), accused in the case was Andrej Babiš Jr. - until last week, State Prosecutor Jaroslav Šaroch intervened again.

Aleš CIMBALA, spokesperson, State Prosecutor's Office for Prague


The supervising state prosecutor stopped the criminal proceedings, as Mr. Andrej Babiš Jr.'s actions were not classified as criminal activity.

From the email of Petr Topinka, Andrej Babiš Jr.'s solicitor.


The criminal proceedings were stopped without interviewing Mr. Andrej Babiš Jr.



Was there at least an attempt to interview him? Why won't you speak about it, Mr. State Prosecutor?

Jaroslav ŠAROCH, State Prosecutor, State Prosecutor's Office for Prague


Because only the spokesperson gives information to the press.



We would like to hear that from you

Jaroslav ŠAROCH, State Prosecutor, State Prosecutor's Office for Prague


Good bye.

Aleš CIMBALA, spokesperson State Prosecutor's Office for Prague


The police indeed tried to hold the interview, however the situation was complicated as Andrej Babiš Jr. was staying abroad at the time.

Michael FIALA, editor


The decision to stop criminal proceedings against Andrej Babiš Jr. will be reviewed by the Chief State Prosecutor.

Petr MALÝ, spokesperson for the Chief State Prosecutor's Office


After the review the State Prosecutor will either confirm the decision or dismiss it as unlawful within a three month period.

Michael FIALA, editor


Even in the event that the Chief State Prosecutor confirms the end of criminal proceedings against Andrej Babiš Jr., it won't necessarily mean that he cannot be interviewed by the police in order to explain the role of his father in the case.

Petr TOMAN, solicitor


We need to distinguish between two different sets of criminal proceedings. One is that against Andrej Babiš Jr. in which he figures as a suspect. The other one is that against Andrej Babišov Sr. In the latter, Andrej Babiš Jr. will definitely be interviewed as a witness.

Michael FIALA, editor


However, Andrej Babiš Jr. can then refuse to give evidence as a witness.

Sabina SLONKOVÁ, investigative journalist, editor in chief of the Neovlivni.cz server


From my observations over all these years, this story will be one of those that take a long time to reach some closure, but I believe that one day all the pieces will be put together succesfully.



The District Court in Havlíčkův Brod ruled by JUDr. Josef Uchytil in the case of placed ██████████████, DOB. ████████, apartment ████████████████████████████, ██████████, that time located in Psychiatric hospital in Havlíčkův Brod, represented by a guardian for the case Mgr. Ing. Jindřiška Jiráková Ph.D. , attorney with the registered office at Smetanovo náměstí 279, 580 01, Havlíčkův Brod, with the participation of the Psychiatric Hospital in Havlíčkův Brod on the admissibility of admission to the Institute of Health Care

thus: Taking over the placed ██████████████, DOB ████████, to the Institute health care on 17.7.2015 occurred for legal reasons, which still exist.


The psychiatric hospital in Havlíčkův Brod has notified the court of its admission placed in institutional care without his / her written consent. Placed was admitted on 17.7.2015. The District Court by its resolution of 20 July 2015, ref. 0 L 528 / 2015-2 initiated proceedings on the admissibility of a takeover placed in an institution and subsequently Resolution of 20 July 2015, Ref. 0 L 528 / 2015-4, appointed him a guardian for this procedure.

From the testimony of the attending physician, the court found that it was the patient's first hospitalization. He was brought handcuffed to bed by the ambulance with the assistance of the police and the highway police after being found on the D1 motorway as he stood there and behaved disproportionately. He spoke alternately Czech, English, Slovak, claimed to have a bomb in his car, claimed to be George Clooney, that he was Barak Obama, etc. He became restless and aggressive when the police tried to ID him. Upon admitting to a psychiatric hospital there was no meaningful contact with him, he shouted nonsense slogans or sentences, he resisted everything. There was a need for a short separation and sedation medications. This situation continued throughout the weekend when he was either negativistic and uncooperative or he shouted slogans such as holocaust, telepathy etc. He was treated with injected drugs for non-cooperation for the whole weekend. On Monday the situation moderated slightly, it was possible to perform a psychiatric examination, when it was found he is completely overwhelmed by diseased experiences such as hallucinations, delusions. He claimed to be influenced by telepathy that objects were moving on the highway D1. This is a serious disorder, psychosis. Drug intoxication was excluded by urine tests. At the request of a family to be transfered to the prestigious institute - the National Center of Mental Health in Prague, this morning he was transferred to the local department. The transfer had to be done with an assistance of two health brothers. The patient's condition remains ill, without the assumption that this situation would be adjusted within a few days and without adequate psychiatric treatments, the patient is now particularly dangerous to himself.

In making his decision, the judge also relied on the testimony placed before the senior court clerk, because he himself had no opportunity to hear the placed because he was transferred to the National Center of mental health in Prague before another court year by the request of pacient family. A senior court clerk found the communications with the placed partially problematic, he was constantly repeating the sentence in a foreign language despite the warning that he should speak Czech or Slovak. Place was claiming he is not treated as a human being when he cannot go where he wants. During the testimony, he got up and tried to leave the building but came back when he found it impossible. He warned the senior court clerk that his father was in charge of the region.

The patient may be hospitalized without his consent or in the case of a youth patient ora patient with limited legal capacity without the consent of the legal guardian if he or she threatens immediately and seriously themselves or their surroundings and show signs of, or suffer from, a mental disorder under the influence of an addictive substance, if the threat to the patient or his surroundings cannot be averted otherwise (Section 38 (1) (b) of Act No 372/2011 Coll., on health services and health care, conditions of their provision, as amended by Act no. No. 303/2013 Coll.), or its health requires both urgent care and does not allowgiving its consent (Section 38 (1) (c) of the cited Act).

By the evidence, the court considers that placed was admitted in the constitutionalcare for the condition described above, for which it is particularly dangerous to himself. This state lasts as of the date of the decision.

In the view of the above findings, the court concluded that patient was taken over in a health care institution without his written consent for the reason according to § 38 para. b) of the above-cited Act.

Learning: An appeal may be lodged against this resolution within 15 days from the date of its delivery. Written copy through the District Court in Regional Court in Hradec Králové.

In Havlíčkův Brod on 21 July 2015

For accuracy of execution: Michaela Aubrechtová

JUDr. Josef Uchytil, single judge


District Police Directorate Prague 1

Criminal Police and Investigation Service

Department of General Crime

Search department

Help and protect

Prague January 13, 2018

Number of pages: 1

Official record

On January 13, 2018 at 10.11 am on the reach phone No .... I was contacted by ..., who informed me that the person of interest ... flew from Ukraine to Slovakia, to his mother. It was agreed that a reachable mobile phone will be given to a mother of the person of interest and she would make a contact. It was also agreed that the mother and her son would take a picture with the daily press and send the photo to the local station.

At 11.17 am I was contacted on reach phone from number ..., when the calling person introduced herself/himself as ..., and said that the son was with her ..... It was agreed that they take a picture together and they will send the picture to... @pcr.cz.

At 11.24 am the photo arrived to the mentioned email, where .....and ... are in the picture and there is the newspaper Blesk in the background.

Ms ... further stated that ... is at her place at the adress ...

The whole event was immediately reported to mjr.Bc. Vladimír Veselý, Head of the General Crime Department of the CPC Prague I. Subsequently, the investigation was closed and all measures were canceled.

Prepared by: por.Mgr.

Bartolomějská 6

110 00 Prague 1





November 15, 2018

Protopopov: I did not abduct Mr. Babiš Jr., I cared for him as if he was my own brother.

"I worked as an assistant to Andrej Babiš Jr. and cared for him as if he was my own brother. I'd never hurt him," says Mr. Petr Protopopov in an exclusive interview for Právo after Mr. Babiš Jr. accused him of holding him in Ukraine and Russia against his will.

How did you get the job as Andrej Babiš Jr.'s carer? And when did the symptoms of his illness actually start to show?

I'm not sure, you'd need to ask his father about that. The only thing I know is that his schizophrenia broke out in full on the 17th of July 2015, when Andy [Mr. Babiš Jr.] had an incident with the police when driving on the D1 motorway, after which he was escorted to the psychiatric ward of Havlíčkův Brod hospital and consequently moved to NUDZ, where my wife worked at the time.

Mr. Babiš Jr.'s version is that he stopped by a motorway rest area, the police came and he told them as a joke that he was George Clooney, upon which they handcuffed him and took him away.

The police version is that he he stopped the car by the D1 motorway because he thought that there was a bomb in his car. He didn't respond to police instructions and became very aggressive so the police had to subdue him. And because he was talking nonsense, they took him to the psychiatric ward, where my wife was at work that day. She admitted him to the hospital and that was the beginning of it all, as far as I know.

Mr. Babiš Senior asked my wife for help with his son's case and also asked her if she could find a suitable carer for him. I said I would give it a try, although at the time I had no idea if I was going to cope, it is not an easy task.

What was the exact nature of your job? As far as I know, you worked for Agrofert as a driver at that time.

Basically, it was all about providing support for Mr. Babiš Jr., keeping an eye on him and spending time with him. The job wasn't of a medical nature, it was just about getting Andy out of bed in the morning, taking him to the doctor's or to the office and then keeping him busy for the day. I'd call my role a personal assistant. In the first four months I was doing this job as a volunteer, then I got the driving job at Agrofert in January 2016.

Did you work as Mr. Babiš Jr.'s assistant for free?

Yes. Back then I was co-owned a bicycle business called "Cyklotonic" and I tried to involve Andy in my work. I wanted him to be doing something, not just lying in bed, because any activity would be bound to do him good. But then after two months I realized that he wasn't enjoying working for my firm and even just being there was not doing him much good.

So I turned my care for Andy into a full time job, since it was impossible to combine it with the business. And it also turned out that Andy enjoyed working for Agrofert much more.

Was your driving job just a front for your caring job, then? How much did you actually earn?

No, it wasn't just a front. I had a full time job at Agrofert which I was doing together with Andy. We delivered all sort of stuff, we were basically couriers. We worked about 7 or 8 hours a day but we actually spent much more time together, easily half the day, including weekends. As for my earnings, of course it wasn't a cleaner's pay - it took up a lot of my time, and Mr. Babiš Sr. paid me well. But if somebody says it was over 100 000 CZK then that was not the case.

How would you describe your relationship to Mr. Babiš Jr.?

He was like a stepbrother to me and it was definitely not just a job, if that's what you mean. I turned up every morning at 9 o clock to drag him out of bed. I had to make sure he looked normal - that he cut his nails, went to the hairdressers', didn't go out in a T-shirt when it was minus 10 or a ski jacket when it was plus 15.

His schizophrenia is a terrible illness. We would go to breakfast and then to work. There he would get tasks like delivering an envelope to a certain place or something along those lines. Then we had lunch, did some more work and in the evening we might for example go to a shisha bar. Andy enjoys smoking a shisha, sometimes he did it for 3 hours at a time.

I tried to take him for walks, or to play badminton, or go cycling or skiing, just to have some exercise, but it was very hard to persuade him. Then in the evening I took him back home.

Did he live with his mother at the time?

No, he lived on his own, in flat in central Prague.

How did he cope with that? You just described how you had to drag him out of bed.

To a certain extent, he was able to function, work and live. But if you left him on his own, after three days he would stop leaving the house and you'd have to kick the door in to get to him. He would get himself something to eat or go to the toilet, but he for example wouldn't take a shower because he said he didn't need to. Like he didn't need to clean his flat.

He needs someone to push him all the time... he'd have a drink of water but wouldn't make himself a cup of tea. During the time I knew him, he was often ill. He had the flu and also chickenpox, which he'd never had as a kid. And I had to say to him: Andy, you're ill, you have to go to the doctor, take your medicine.

Does he realize that he's mentally ill?

No, he's not aware of that. To many people he says that there's nothing the matter, that he's completely fine and it's all the fault of the police. I've heard him saying that loads of times.

Also, when somebody has an illness like that, their mental state varies and fluctuates. He had good days and bad days, sometimes he wouldn't leave his bed, other times he was more active. But I could see his condition was improving through being engaged in some work, and after some time he was able to work independently as a courier for Agrofert.

What about the trip to Moscow and Crimea and the alleged abduction that Babiš Jr. spoke about in a secret video?

I'll tell it in the order it happened. We left the EU together for the first time in spring 2016 for Kaliningrad. We have a lot of lovely pictures of the seaside, the local sights, even Andy in a submarine. It was a lovely 2 week holiday and after that we came back.

Then last year there was "1 CZK bonds" affair, then the election campaign and then then the Stork's Nest case was taken to court.

Reporters were harassing us literally on every corner and the pressure was enormous. Often there was a Seznam.cz agency car outside his apartment, there was always someone waiting for him and the press were chasing him wherever he went, to get a sensational article.

I just wanted to escape that hell until the situation calmed down, and I also I wanted to give Andy a break from it all.

Why did you choose Russia?

Because in Slovakia, for instance, everybody knows who Babiš is. So I took Andy to Russia again, in September 2017. We had to apply for visas, he signed the application himself. We went to Bratislava to see Andy's mum for a few days and then flew from Vienna to Moscow. We spent a few days there and then we headed for Crimea.

Why Crimea? Particularly after it was annexed by Russia.

You surely know that I'm not Czech - so from my point of view it isn't annexed territory, it's a part of Russia, just like Kaliningrad. And why Russia? Well, you know, I can only speak Czech and Russian, I wouldn't get by in any other language. We've been skiing in Austria together before, but not on our own.

What is more, I was concerned about what would happen if something went wrong, about being able to get immediate medical treatment. Whenever we were abroad, my wife made sure that he had psychiatric care, including Russia and Ukraine. If we went to the USA or Cuba and something happened, then I'd be lost.

Crimea is the only part of Russia where you get warm weather in September and, unlike for instance Sochi, Crimea is really beautiful and there's a lot to see and do there.

When our visa expired after a month, we had to return to the Czech Republic. We spent a few days there, applied for a three-month visa, and flew back to Crimea around the beginning of November, again via Vienna and again after visiting his mum in Bratislava. I don't remember the exact dates but it's all in my passport - I can provide evidence, including a lot of photos from the trip.

In Jalta we rented a huge flat with sea view. Andy met a girl there and they seemed to get on very well. His mental state improved quite significantly so I decided to spend some time with my own family, left Andy in the girl's care and flew back to the Czech Republic.

How did he meet her?

I introduced them.

I find it quite strange that you would leave Babiš Jr., who was in your care, alone with a young woman you had only known for two weeks.

I trusted her 100%, otherwise I wouldn't do that. After just 20 minutes of contact she was able to understand that Andy was different. For her, he was a nice boy who wasn't always easy to handle but she took him exactly as he was. A good friend of mine recommended this young lady to me, he knew that she had a ten-year-old son, and that she was reliable and so on.

I'm sorry but when you speak about a recommendation, it sounds like the woman was planted there on purpose...

Not at all, I got the contact from an old friend whom I completely trust.

And if you are alluding to secret services, then no, the guy is an ordinary businessman.

How about you? Are you an agent?

Of course not. I never had anything to do with any secret services, Russian or other.

The media say that I have a gun licence, but I have never fired a single shot in my life, I even don't know how. You don't need a gun to care for Andy, just nerves of steel.

OK let's get back to the events. You left Crimea for the Czech Republic last November to visit your family and then you returned to the peninsula?

Yes. Because Andy is only allowed to spend 90 days every 6 months in Russia, (the same applies to the Czech Republic), we had to leave the country.

Meanwhile the young lady, who was only in Crimea for work, returned to Krivoj Rog, a mining town in Eastern Ukraine, where her mother lives. Andy wanted to visit her so much but I had to tell him: Look, mate, Krivoj Rog isn't the promised land, it's Mordor - prisons, mine shafts, junkies... But nothing could convince him, he just wanted to go. So we got a car and set off.

Weren't you scared? To Eastern Ukraine by car?

You know, I wasn't at all happy about it. On the other hand, Andy is legally an independent person and as he really wanted to go, I decided we would manage somehow. At least, if something went wrong, I would be able to arrange medical care. So I set off from Prague and picked him up from his mother's place in Bratislava.

And why by car? Because it would be quite difficult to get there any other way. There are hardly any trains, because it's five or six hundred kilometres from Kyiv. I remember that it was before Christmas, so I spent Christmas there there came back for New Year.


Yes. I arranged with Andy's girlfriend that she would call me if there were any problems. Also Andy's condition was getting worse and, given the rough atmosphere of Krivoj Rog, he started to suspect that his girlfriend and I were cheating on him behind his back. So I decide to leave.

Wait a minute, are you telling me that you left the son of the Czech Prime Minister on his own in a place like that without any security arrangements? He could have been abducted by anyone.

This is hard to explain but I was absolutely sure that he was safe there, and he wasn't alone, he was with his girlfriend. It may have been a different world but it wasn't dangerous there. Just after New Year I got a call from a lawyer who wanted to know where Andy was. I told him that he was in Ukraine with this girl, and asked what was going on. He told me that the guys from Bartolomějská Street [Prague Police headquarters] wanted me to explain some things.

The interrogation was fairly unpleasant because Andy, in one of his worse moments, had sent an email to the Prague CID in which he claimed that I had abducted him in Ukraine. So I was interrogated by the police at Bartolomějská street while Andy was in Krivoj Rog with his girlfriend.

The lawyer told me the only option was to bring Andy back as soon as possible. I boarded a plane to Kyiv, there I caught a taxi, picked up Andy from his girlfriend's place and I told him that there were some problems and that we had to go back to Prague. So we got back in the taxi, went to Kyiv and flew to Vienna.

From Vienna we went to Bratislava to see Andy's mother, and she sent a photo of Andy holding a fresh newspaper to the police. That was when I explained to him what the problem was and what I was being accused of, and asked him to come to Prague and explain it all. However he downright refused to do that, locked himself in his room and started throwing a huge tantrum. So the only thing I could do was to go to Prague on my own. And that was the last time I saw Andy - the 13th of January 2018.

So how did he end up in Switzerland?

I don't know, I wasn't there. From what I heard, Andy ran away from his mother's after just a few days and caught a coach to Switzerland.

He managed that?

When somebody has schizophrenia it doesn't mean they are mentally retarded. He can do a lot of things for himself when he wants to, but he often doesn't want to. He just needs some impulse to push him into action, in this case I guess it was fear. But when the impulse fizzles out, he becomes indifferent to everything again.

Do you know why Switzerland in particular?

As far as I know, he had lived and studied there, he knew the country. From Switzerland Andy contacted his mother who then came to visit him.

You don't think the fact that he has Swiss citizenship, and would be out of reach of the Czech Police there, played a role in his decision?

I don't think he realizes things like that, I think the main motivation really was fear, which was further intensified by his illness.

Mr. Babiš Jr. claimed it was you whom he feared.

To be honest, that makes me sad. I dedicated 2 and half years of my life to him and it cost me quite a lot of stress. I don't blame him, though, because I know that he is ill. I heard him say loads of times that he was going to kill me, or kill his father, or kill himself.

Now I'm in an awful situation where me and my entire family are being dragged through the media. But I don't blame Andy, because I know how terrible his illness is.

What about Mr. Babiš Jr.'s claim that you abducted him to Russia and Ukraine?

What I've told you should give you an impression. I never made him to do anything he didn't want to do, I never did him any harm. And abduct him to Russia? It's not at all easy to take somebody in a car, against their will, through multiple border controls outside the Schengen area. Why would I go to all that trouble when I could more easily have held him somewhere in Prague?

Maybe because you were born in Russia and have ties there?

I've been living in the Czech Republic for 17 years in all, I know this place much better than Russia.

Do you own any real estate or land in Russia or Crimea?

No, nothing at all.

How and why did you come to the Czech Republic?

I was 12 when my whole family moved in the early 90's. My father thought we would find a better future here than in Russia.

Did Mr. Babiš Jr.'s parents know about your trips to Russia and Ukraine?

The entire family knew. We stayed in touch with Mrs. Babiš, I have records of our correspondence. She knew about everything. And as I say before, we always flew from Vienna and many times we stayed at her place.

When you saw Babiš Jr. on the hidden camera footage, what did you think about the way he behaved?

Even the way he spoke and the blank stare were a clear sign of his illness. That must be obvious to everyone who comes into contact with him.


November 29, 2018

Ukrainian Lover Of Czech PM's Son Tight-Lipped On Crimea Affair

By RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service



February 7, 2019

 Where's Babiš? Geolocating the Alleged Father-Son Son       Kidnapping Mystery 

By Christiaan Triebert. (He has investigated for Bellingcat since 2015 and runs several of Bellingcat's workshops for journalists and researchers across the world.)


November 28, 2019

Do you hear the silence? That's how we forgot about Babiš junior

JOHANA HOVORKOVÁ, Chief editor of FORUM 24

When Sabina Slonková and Jiří Kubík issued a testimony of Andrej Babiš junior a year ago, that his father wanted to get rid of him so he could not testify in the Čapí hnízdo (stork nest) case, it seemed that the political scene would finally shake in its base. It was assumed that everyone will understand this is Andrej Babiš, the right one (which, incidentally, was staying in Palermo at that moment). How about today? Nothing is happening today. The doctor who was the part of the whole case, Dita Protopopovová, is advancing in her career. The Prime Minister is mocking us all. Why is that? Because the media are allowing it.

You know what would happen in some other country where the big newspapers, especially the tabloids, work normally? For example, in the UK, no one would not move away from Babiš junior´s apartment, especially after his father visited him and "played chess with him". They would interview childhood friends, mates, mother´s former colleagues from hospital, they would look for relatives and some of them would also look at what is in the garbage bins by the house. And nobody, really nobody would be ignorant about it.

We do not know today where Andrej Babiš junior is. Couple of days ago his case was mention again when Protopopov, who, along with her husband, a Russian bicycle salesman, helped to hide Andrej junior in Russian-occupied Crimea. But other than that, there is silence. How is it that Czech journalists do not ask what Babiš did with his son? Probably because their work is not as important to them as it should be. Because to antagonize the Prime Minister is simple and they don´t want the troubles. After all, this was recognized by the owner of Seznam website, Ivo Lukačovič, where the article was published, when he was openly threatened by the editor-in-chief of Babiš's MF DNES Jaroslav Plesl. In fact, nobody from the journalist community is being distant from this paper. On the contrary, the impression of normal journalism is created, so there is nothing to be surprised about.

We do not know what Andrej Babiš did with his son. We do not know what means he used to pressure his ex-wife, who was standing next to her son before, listened to his testimony and did not interfere with it. No one confronts Babiš' present wife Monica with questions what she says about how her husband's other children are treated despite she has two children with him alone. Is it really possible for Czech journalists to be so ignorant towards all that?

We only have a few big newsrooms that could really do this work. It is surprising that tabloid journalists don't do that, although it is in their job description. In fact, it is a sad example of the decline of Czech journalism and, in particular, the reason why the country is as it is. And why we just have to pray about the results of the European Commission's audits.


2018 Czech political crisis started when Seznam News published an interview with son of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, Andrej Babiš Jr.

Babiš Jr. stated that his father's people kidnapped him in Crimea and kept him there.



Andrej Babis: Czech Prime Minister denies son was kidnapped

    NOVEMBER 2018


Czech PM's future hangs in balance after son's kidnap claims


Andrej Babiš associates allegedly kidnap son


Billionaire Czech Premier Faces Ouster Bid After Son's Abduction Claim


Think US politics are bad? The Czech PM allegedly kidnapped his own son in a fraud scandal


Czech PM faces calls to step down after fraud scandal allegations


Calls For Czech PM's Resignation As Scandal Flares Over Son's 'Abduction' Claim


Andrej Babis: Czech PM denies son was kidnapped


Son's kidnap claims and fraud case pile pressure on Czech leader Babis

Andrej Babis says 'mentally ill' son went voluntarily on Crimean holiday


Protesters in Prague hold third day of demonstrations demanding resignation of prime minister over fraud allegations

Populist Andrej Babis is accused of taking €2m from EU - then kidnapping own son to cover up crime






Central European Populists Haunted By Kremlin Links


Czech PM Babiš survives no-confidence vote sparked by son's kidnapping claims


Scandal Around Billionaire Prime Minister Leaves Czechs in Limbo



The remarkable scandal threatening to topple the Czech Prime Minister



Rich, scandal-hit and anti-immigrant: Czech leader Babiš to meet Trump



Andrej Babis: Czech PM fraud investigation to continue, rules State Attorney

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Appendix 3

April 10, 2015

Now the Czechs Have an Oligarch Problem, Too

 June 5, 2015

Do FIFA Arrests Presage Further Investigations In Europe?

By GARY BERNTSEN. (He is a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) career officer who served in the Directorate of Operations between October 1982 and June 2005. During his time at the CIA, he served as a CIA Station Chief on three separate occasions and led several of CIA's most important counterterrorism deployments including the United States' response to the East Africa Embassy bombings and the 9/11 attacks.)

U.S. and Swiss white-collar crime investigators grabbed world headlines this week by announcing the indictments of FIFA officials on charges of bribery and money laundering. There may be far more important cases that merit U.S. law enforcement attention, however: allegations of public corruption, which, if true, could so undermine public confidence as to threaten democratic governance itself. In the Czech Republic, there may even be one with a sports connection.

A recent article in Foreign Policy magazine asked whether the Czech Republic has an oligarch problem, pointing out the enormous wealth and political control amassed by the Finance Minister (and Deputy Prime Minister), Andrej Babis. Since gaining power, Babis has been accused of using his government position to enrich his private interests. His party voted in May 2015 to maintain the generous subsidies for biofuels, the chief beneficiary of which is his 100 percent-owned company, Agrofert, provoking a no-confidence vote in the parliament.

Among other things, the article charged that Babis was affiliated with the KGB, and that his father was involved in black market arms sales, when he was a senior executive at Petrimex, a Czechoslovak state-owned chemical company. Among other projects during that time, Babis was responsible for a trade of arms for phosphates from Syria and African countries, according to Czech media. He later left Petrimex by taking control of a spinoff company, Agrofert, which now dominates the Czech agricultural and petrochemical industry (the Agrofert tennis club, chaired by Miroslav Cernosek, is a known gathering place for prominent Czechs).There was a report in November 2014 of an intercepted arms shipment to ISIS from the Czech Republic; to date there has been no reported investigation of the matter. Why has the Czech government shown no interest in following this case?

There is mystery surrounding the source of the financing for Babis' original takeover of Agrofert: we know only that it was owned by a Swiss company, OFI, that was headquartered in a small town known chiefly for another resident, Marc Rich. Whose money financed his original takeover of Agrofert, when he was just an executive with Petrimex? In 2001, OFI sold a 55 percent stake to Ameropa, another obscure Swiss company. Ameropa buys and sells chemicals in Russia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Since Babis is the official in charge of the public treasury, and this company benefits from public subsidies, shouldn't there be full transparency in Agrofert's cash flows? Who were the original investors in those Swiss companies, and what is the return on their investments? Are billions of dollars are being moved from state coffers to private bank accounts in banking havens in Luxembourg and Switzerland? Where is all the money going that Czech consumers are paying to subsidize biofuels? Is there a money trail here that a prosecutor should follow?

Babis also has been accused of surrounding himself with police and prosecutors, and of using them to attack political and commercial enemies. Several political upheavals and policy battles in recent years have been punctuated by unusual police and prosecutorial activity. Are these tied to Babis in any way? For example, in June 2013, the Czech government was brought down in a strange maneuver by the organized crime unit of the police, headed by Robert Slachta, who staged a spectacular raid on the offices of the prime minister and people connected closely to him. As a result snap elections were held that brought Andrej Babis to power. On May 29th of this year, those charges were dismissed by the court as baseless.

Other government and commercial entities have received the attentions of Slachta and Bradacova, allegedly motivated by commercial and political interests. They have staged repeated raids on the office of the independent energy regulator, the ERU, who has stood up for transparency in energy pricing, and resisted market-altering subsidies. Most recently, Zeman's close ally Jan Mladek, the Minister of Trade and Industry, succeeded in ramming a poorly conceived amendment to the energy law through the parliament. The only real outcome of the amendment was to destroy the independence of the energy regulatory office, just months before a new tender for nuclear power plants is due from the Czech government: a tender in which RosAtom has a keen interest.

In 2014, Babis' Finance Ministry tried to nationalize Unipetrol's refinery, at a time when Babis' company had an outstanding lawsuit against the company for one billion U.S. dollars. Nationalizing a company - bringing it under the control of his finance ministry - with a billion-dollar liability from a lawsuit initiated by his company, Agrofert, would have had the appearance of a conflict of interest.

An ironclad rule of investment is that an investor expects a return. What did these opaque Swiss entities (OFI and Ameropa) expect for investing in Agrofert? Where is the money from the Czech treasury through Agrofert ultimately ending up? Since Ameropa is active in Russia, are there potential security risks to NATO interests? It is conceivable even that there are money flows ultimately tied to terrorist organizations, given the arms shipment to ISIS. This certainly merits investigation: the stakes are higher than corruption in a sports league.


October 16, 2015

Russia's new kind of friends


August 7, 2018



September 14, 2018



September 17, 2018



November 18, 2018

Andrej Babis EU funds scandal: Czech protesters use revolution anniversary to call for PM to quit 


November 23, 2018

How oligarchs captured Central Europe's media


February 7, 2019

Andrej Babis - The anti-migrant Czech premier and his migrant workers


May 23, 2019

Can protesters bring down the Czech prime minister?


June 5, 2019 



June 19, 2019



June 23, 2019

Prague crowds demand PM Andrej Babis step down

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis is fending off corruption charges, trouble in parliament, and a countrywide protest movement against his government. Hundreds of thousands have rallied against him in Prague.


June 30, 2019

My Europe: Blame eastern Europe's oligarchs on EU cash


September 2, 2019

Czech attorney drops fraud case against PM Babis: newspaper


October 31, 2019

Agrofert Illegally Farming Land After Owners Died


November 16, 2019

Czechs use anniversary of Velvet Revolution to pressure PM


November 17, 2019

Czech PM regrets communist past on Velvet Revolution anniversary



November 18, 2019

Czechs Rally Against PM Andrej Babis on Eve of 30th Velvet Revolution Anniversary


December 3, 2019

Leaked EU audit shows Czech PM in conflict of interest: report


December 7, 2019

Corruption cases pile pressure on Czech prime minister


DECEMBER 28, 2019 


In the Czech Republic, a scandal over practices of the richest man in the country, Petr Kellner, who hired a PR agency to improve China's reputation in the Czech media, erupted this week. "It is important to realise that downplaying violations of international conventions and fundamental human rights is part of Chinese propaganda. Certainly, entities such as, Kellner's PPF doing business in China, or Agrofert  (note: Andrej Babis is the only recipient of the holding Agrofert benefits), which has borrowed a billion Czech crowns (EUR 40 million) from the Bank of China, will always be defendants of a 'balanced' coverage of China. 'Balanced' coverage of concentration camps is indefensible" Gregorová comments. 


January 15, 2020



February 4, 2020



February 5, 2020

Government Suing EC Over Babis' Conflict Of Interest


February 29, 2020

Czech Prime Minister Babis threatens political opponents and calls them TRAITORS


March 6, 2020

European Parliament Leaders Slam 'Unacceptable' Babiš Comments


29 April 2020

Czech PM must resign if conflict of interest is confirmed, say MEPs

Leaked report from stormy visit to Prague tells Andrej Babiš to stamp out 'oligarchies'


29 April 2020

Police protecting Prague mayor after 'Russian murder plot'


19 June 2020

Following European Parliament resolution, Czech Government must finally act on PM's conflict of interest



20 June 2020

EU lawmakers seek probe of fund misuse on summit day

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Babišův syn po dvou letech promluvil: S policií nemám zájem mluvit


Glosa: Mafiánský příběh Andreje Babiše


Přepřahání v kauze Andreje Babiše mladšího: údajné zavlečení na Krym vyšetřuje nový policista


"Dobro vítězí jenom ve filmech," říká Andrej Babiš jr. v exkluzivním rozhovoru